What is WobbleStop?

WobbleStop is a program written by physiotherapist Karen Coe, for parents and teachers to assist them in guiding children to a healthy, active lifestyle. As children today are spending an increasing amount of time engaging in more sedentary computer led activities, it is important physical activity, good posture and ergonomic awareness become a way of life. WobbleStop Core Stability for Kids assists children not only in the classroom/playground but also can enhance ability on the sporting field.

There are four characters in the program, they are known as The WobbleStop Crew – Pip the Purple Frog, Gordon the Grizzly Bear, Kenny the Kangaroo and Alesha the Ant. All the characters experience some “wobbly problems” associated with growing. Their personalities are all different, enabling teachers/parents to use the Wobblestop characters as a tool to communicate with the children.

The program covers some very basic anatomy and provides an understanding that as children’s bones and muscles grow and lengthen, their ability to balance and coordinate certain movements can be affected. The program provides an education about the importance of good posture, both sitting and standing and ideal ergonomics for computer work and the carrying of school bags/backpacks. The program covers both fine and gross motor skill acquisition, the importance of physical activity and breathing exercises. The children are taught how to develop or improve good core stability and body control. WobbleStop has a fun range of exercises for the children, which involve their whole body, from their fingers to their toes. The exercises are suitable for both inside the classroom as well as outside in the playground.

The program, through use of the characters, emphasises to children that they are all different. This will change depending on the child’s natural ability, stage of development and when growth spurts occur. WobbleStop was written with the underlying message that it is important that all children allow themselves and others to have a go and try their best, regardless of the outcome!

The aim of the program is to begin the process of educating and empowering children to choose a healthy path, to encourage empathy and to avoid self-exclusion from physical activity from a young age.

The program can be implemented as a 6 to 8 week course for teachers to use in their PE sessions. Alternatively, parents and teachers can break the program down into handy little 5 to 10 minute exercise/activity sessions for the children to be done as classroom breaks or as a home program.