This program is aimed at children aged 9-12 years

The program consists of education focusing on:

  • Ideal seated and standing posture for both in and outside the classroom, and the potential consequences of poor posture;
  • Handwriting problems including, pain, fatigue or slow speed. Students will be taught strategies and techniques to address these issues;
  • Growth spurts, what to expect and management techniques;
  • Basic anatomy, injury prevention and pro-active education;
  • Core Stability strengthening exercises to enhance performance in the classroom. playground and sporting field;
  • Scoliosis advice; and
  • Laptop/computer ergonomic/postural awareness and laptop computer ergonomic equipment ideas and strategies to reduce postural stress.

The program is delivered to the students by physiotherapist Karen Coe. The lectures are fun and encourage individual and group participation by the students.

The students will be shown a range of equipment including ergonomically designed backpacks, pencil grips, mini keyboards, super slim hand mouse etc., and the correct use of this equipment will be demonstrated.

The aim of the program is to educate children about their bodies, enabling them to make informed choices and to begin the process of self-management of physical issues.

This knowledge will empower the children, allowing them to be pro-active and choose a healthy path.