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WobbleStop Manual

product size: 21cm square, 90 pages

retail price: $30.00

90 pages of easy to follow chapters, outlining exercises and activity ideas from fingers to the toes including exercise rational and education for teachers and parents, exercise examples, techniques & instructions, handwriting and reading exercises activities, colouring in templates, characters “ear headband” templates, WobbleStop postural reminder stickers & reward stickers, ergonomic postural advice for all IT equipment.


WobbleStop Postural Reminder Sticker Dots

product size: 21cm square sheet, 11 x 36mm and 32 x 18mm stickers

retail price: $9.95

Small stickers that can be placed on an item the children either use or view regularly – such as their pencil pot at school or the computer monitor at home. When the children see the postural reminder sticker dot, they are reminded to sit or stand in a good posture or have a break from their IT work.

WobbleStop Reward Stickers

product size: 21cm square sheet, 11 x 36mm and 32 x 18mm stickers

retail price: $9.95

For teachers and parents to use when the children have completed the task (or tried hard) in recognition of their effort!

WobbleStop Posters A3

product size: A3, 297 x 420mm

retail price: $5.00 each

Includes images of all the characters both individually and together as the WobbleStop Crew. The posters give a fun visual demonstration of the WobbleStop exercises, ideal postural and ergonomic alignment and much more. Use the bright fun posters in the classroom as postural reminders for the children.

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Price structure is based on equipment required. Individual items or packages are available depending on stock.

Exercise Program Equipment List

  • Curved Detachable Balance Beam Multicoloured
  • Straight Detachable Balance Beam Multicoloured
  • WobbleStop Jumping Hoppers Various colours available
  • WobbleStop Scooter Boards Small and large sizes available – various colours
  • WobbleStop Jumping Sacks Small and large sizes available – various colours
  • WobbleStop Stepping Stones Multicoloured
  • WobbleStop Balloons
  • WobbleStop Hand Balls
  • WobbleStop Balls 20cm diameter
  • Egg and Spoon Sets
  • WobbleStop Ribbon Sticks

Classroom and Ergonomic Equipment

  • Pencil Grips Ergonomically designed to assist with handwriting difficulties and achieving ideal tripod grip
  • Laser Laptop Stand
  • SuperSlim Mini Keyboard & Bilateral Optical Mouse Fellowes
  • Mini Mouse For smaller hands
  • School Backpacks Ergonomically designed & endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. To suit all ages and sizes.