Wobblestop Will Come to You…

Karen Coe from Encompass Physiotherapy (WobbleStop creator) will attend your education department (CEO,IAS or Public), individual school, pre-school or community centre.

“WobbleStop – Core Stability for Kids” is a holistic program and may particularly benefit children with:

. Delayed fine and gross motor development

. Children with low muscle tone, hypermobility and or joint laxity and who experience general aches and pains

. Children who experience difficulty with hand writing and/or using scissors

. Children who experience difficulty with hand/eye coordination or dissociation of head from eye movement (this can affect reading ability)

. Children who are generally clumsy or appear uncoordinated and who self exclude from physical activity as a result

. Children with a diagnosis of ADHD, Aspergers, Depression,  Anxiety, Dyspraxia/Physical Disability

. Can improve general physical confidence in the classroom, the playground and on the sporting field for all children

WobbleStop Workshop –

up to 40 teachers/participants

Based on an hourly rate of $160.00/hour.

Karen Coe from “Encompass Physiotherapy” has developed this program using the teach the teacher approach.

Workshops can be run on Professional Development days to individual or groups of schools.  The length of time and content can vary depending on indivual requirements.  Evening workshops are available.

The 3 hour presentation will:

  • Go through the exercises from the classroom to the playground, this extends from fine motor skills including handwriting activities through to balance, ball skills, and coordination activities.
  • Run interactive work breaks during the workshop, demonstrating exercises and activities to ensure participants understand and “feel” the correct technique.
  • Show you some handy little 10-15 minute classroom break ideas or explain how the program can be used over a 6-8 week period for P.E.
  • Teach you specific exercises for upper quadrant strengthening and core stability for kids. Some of the exercises will be exercises that you already do but Karen will explain the exercise rationale and ensure the technique is correct.
  • Help you learn some basic developmental milestones so you can learn what to expect at what age.
  • Explain ergonomic principles for desk/computer workstations and demonstrate ideal set up and use of equipment.
  • Display and demonstrate all WobbleStop equipment and resources.

WobbleStop Program Day

Encompass Physiotherapy will provide the equipment for the days activities.
Encompass Physiotherapy can come to your school for the day and address all members of your school community providing fun interactive presentations to all ages:

  • K-Y2 – Introduce some Wobble Stop activities and exercises directly to the children – concentrating on seated posture and activities to assist with handwriting and core stability.
  • Y3 – Hand writing/pencil grip activities and exercises – great opportunity to help catch students who may have handwriting difficulties as they progress to cursive writing. In addition begin the process of pro-active education to avoid poor postural habits and musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Y4, 5 & 6 – Encompass Kids pro-active education lecture including theory and practical activities. For full details of the program/lecture click here.
  • Education session to staff, regarding all programs to ensure core elements of the programs are understood and can be re-iterated and continued on a daily basis by the teaching staff.

Daily sessions can be individually tailored to your school’s requirements.

Schools may wish to focus the entire day on the WobbleStop Program for K-Year 2 students. The teachers will be given a comprehensive education session on the WobbleStop Program, including the core principles and the exercises and activities involved (similar to the workshop day mentioned above). The practical sessions can be done in the classroom with the students.


Schools can purchase the lectures for the older students and Encompass Physiotherapy will attend for a 1/2 day session or hourly lecture.


It is difficult to teach students about good posture and good habits if you are experiencing pain or discomfort yourself.

  • Encompass Physiotherapy can do a comprehensive workstation assessment for you individually; or
  • As a group session to all staff providing ergonomic education for all aspects of work, techniques to avoid and/or manage injuries and general postural health advice.
  • Occupational Ergonomic Work Place Assessments available for individual teachers or students. Visit Encompass Physiotherapy for more information.